Cloud Services

Why choose a Lime cloud

You want to embrace the promise of the future for cloud. But what about today’s realities? With Lime, we’ve got you covered. Spanning multiple clouds? Check. Supporting any workload environment? Not a problem. It’s time to reimagine your cloud world with Lime.

Cloud Infrastructure Services

Agility, Performance, Flexibi

Organizations worldwide are experiencing a paradigm shift in the way IT is being deployed and managed. We are fast transitioning from traditional IT architectures, to agile and responsive ‘hybrid IT’ models that involve a diverse mix of hosted applications, public cloud and private cloud infrastructure. While the hybrid IT approach leads to an adaptable and high performance business environment, IT teams also need to deal with new and often unexplored challenges.
Lime’s extensive range of Cloud Infrastructure Services help you build the right hybrid IT strategy for your business, and then help make your journey to the new environment incredibly simple. We have nearly two decades of experience working with hundreds of cloud deployments across a wide spectrum of scale, complexity and diversity. Our ability to deliver best-in-class cloud infrastructure services has been widely recognized by both analysts and CIOs.

  • Public Cloud: Lime's Public Cloud service enables convenient, on-demand access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort.
  • Private Cloud: We deliver services that enable you assess, design, plan, implement, and manage Private Cloud. Our Private Cloud services help you deploy an agile, efficient, and simplified cloud infrastructure platform across physical and virtual environments.
  • Hybrid Cloud Management: Lime's Hybrid Cloud Management services serve as a common monitoring and management fabric that brings you a robust managed operational service for addressing multiple Cloud vendors.


We have established a strong partner ecosystem with leading Cloud providers to deliver agile, cost-effective, fully secure Cloud infrastructure