KNX Power IP

The KNX PowerlP combines the central functions of a KNX bus line in a compact device (GTE): a 640 mA bus power supply with inductor, IP router and IP interface. In addition to the bus voltage, the power supply also has an auxiliary voltage output. The IP router in the device allows the forwarding oftelegrams between different lines via a LAN (IP) as a fast backbone. Via the interface function the KNX line can be addressed directly from a PC

The device operates according to the KNXnet/IP specification using core, device management, tunneling and routing. The configuration is done with the ETS (version 4.2 or higher). An easy-to-read OLED display on the front allows the display of the operating parameters locally on the device.

Mechanical data

  • Housing: plastic

  • DIN rail mounted device, width: 6 modules (108 mm)

  • Weigth: approx 300 g

User Interface

  • Four keys for on device settings

  • OLED display

  • KNX programming LED


  • lOOBaseT (lOOMbit/s)

  • 6 KNXnet/IP Tunneling connections KNX

  • Medium IP/TP

  • Filter table 8 kByte (64k group addresses)

  • Compatible with ETS 2 (or higher)


  • Plug for external power supply 230 V AC

  • Connector for KNX TP (red/black)

  • Connector for auxiliary power output (yellow/white)

  • LAN RJ-45 socket

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KNX IP Router

The KNX IP Interface is the successor of the well-tried KNX IP Router. The new compact design has a width of only 1module (18 mm) and is powered by the KNX bus.

The device forwards telegrams between different KNX TP lines via LAN (IP) as a fast backbone and is an alternative to KNX line coupler. The KNX IP Router can also be used in the ETS® as a programming interface. The KNX IP Router has a full-range filter table and a large telegram buffer. The buttons and LEDs on the device allow a local diagnosis including the operating status and communication errors.

Controls and indicators

  • Housing: plastic

  • DIN rail mounted device

  • Width: 1TE (18 mm)

Controls and indicators

  • 2 buttons+ KNX programming button

  • 3 LEDs bicolor + KNX programming LED


  • lOBaseT

  • 5 KNXnet/IP Tunneling connections

  • Manufactured in Germany


  • Medium IP/TP

  • Filter table 8 kByte (64k group addresses)

Power supply

  • From KNX Bus, approx. 15 mA


  • KNX connector

  • LAN RJ45- socket

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Time Switch

  • Yearly time switch btuilding automation KNX

  • DIN-rail mounting 70mm

  • 4 channels

  • Daily, weekly and yearly program

  • 300 memory locations

  • 10 years battery-reserve

  • Minimum interval 1

  • Up to 300 permanent switchings by date

  • Manual permanent mode

  • Manual override

  • Automatic sorting of switching times on readout

  • restricted block programming

  • Fully automatic daylight saving time

  • Elapsed time and pulse counter

  • Pulse function

  • Cycle function

  • Timer function

  • Channel button function

  • DCF function

  • Security by PIN-Code

  • Illuminated display

  • Data-key function

  • Random switching for each channel (via ETS)

  • Manufactured in Germany

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KNX Web Server

The KNX Server is a very compact (2TE) and yet very powerful IP device for the KNX bus. Despite the small installation width, the device features a graphic display with menu navigation.

The KNX Server combines the function of a KNX IP interface with the function of a universal IP gateways for building control. It connects the KNX bus with the existing IP infrastructure. The integrated web server enables the visualization and control of buildings, rooms and functions via a standard web browser on a PC or mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The configuration is done with the ETS software.

Via the web services the device also enables a technical interface to the KNX installation. This allows the rapid integration of non-KNX devices in a KNX network.

Manufactured in Germany

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KNX IR Emitter

  • 4channels

  • Learning and storing u to 64 different IR functional control codes for each channel

  • Sending time and sending delay can be set for each control codes

  • You can set ttie emlttlon times and the delay time before sending for each function code.

  • The IR fUnCtfonal control codes can be assigned to lbit or lbyte type of object

  • lblt object can recall the control codes from all channels

  • 1 Byte object  can recall  the control codes from its own channel

  • can earn more than 95% of remote controllers in the market

  • The IR Leamer uses a common USB port to communicate, it is easy to learn the functional

  • control Codes of the IR remote controller and store the codes to the database of the PC Software

  • Made In China

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KNX Power Supply

The Lime KNX power supply KNX PS640-L is a 640 mA power supply with high efficiency and a small footprint of only 3US(52.5mm). The device has KNX bus choke output and an additional output for ancillary power.
The -30 ~ + 70 C wide temperature operation range can meet all kinds of application. LED indicators are used in case of normal operation, overload conditions and RESET operation. it is perfectly suitable to power up any products labeled with the KNX trademak. Lime KNX PS640-L is engineered to be a reliable and safe solution for KNX bus inviroment.

  • EIB / KNX power supply with integrated choke

  • Compact size with 3SU(52.5mm) width

  • Saftey extra low voltage (SELV)

  • 180~264 VAC input

  • No load power consumption <0.5W

  • Protections: Short circuit / Overload ( short-circuit-proof)  / Over Voltage

  • Cooling by free air convection

  • Isolation class

  • LED indicator for normal operation,bus reset and

  • bus overload

  • Installed on DIN rail TS-35/7.5 or 15

  • 100% full load on DIN rail TS-35/7.5 or 15

  • 3 years warranty

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  • USB Stick as Interface to KNX TP

  • Successor of the KNX USB Interface Stick

  • Support of KNX longframes • Case: USB stick, plastic I

  • Weight:ca.12g •Size:(LxWxH): 58x18x12 mm

  • Connectors:KNX. use Type

  • Macte in German

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Lime Knx Control Panel


  • Full Cable Managing Trunking

  • Easy Installation / Mounting

  • Removable Front Cover

  • Reversible Locking Vented Door

OPTIONS 3 Standard Size Options

  • KXE 3 – 3 DIN RAILS

  • KXE 4 – 4 DIN RAILS

  • KXE 5 – 5 DIN RAILS

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